Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Posters for vowel digraphs Posters for vowel digraphs 
Report writing made easy! Special Ed teachers, this is for you! Save valuable teaching time with writing reports and IEP comments?
A great Read! Do you know a child who plays too rough, is uncoordinated, hates being touched, is ultra-sensitive (or unusually insensitive) to noise or sensations of heat and cold?

MYSELC - SHARING Special Needs Printable Resources! Free downloads!

All Resources FREE to download!


All resources are free to download! Our aim is to build up a wide range of resources for all to use! If you have any resources, but share them here. Click Here to share.



NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD ALL RESOURCES!!! This website is a free for all website to encourage the sharing of special needs resources worldwide. Please continue to share resources to help support our children with special needs. Together we can make a difference :)


My Special Education Learning Centre (MySELC) is your place for the sharing of Special needs resources and ideas. MySELC was created to inspire SHARING, we believe that there are many great resources and ideas out there in this world that really needs to be shared so that they can be used for many children and adults with special needs around the world. We believe that Special Education will be lifted greatly if we all had a desire to share and build these resources up for all to use.

All printable resources are FREE to download! No registration required. To support this website, please submit a resource of your own by emailing it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please Note: This website is accessed by parents and teachers all over the world. This means by simply sharing what you have, you will help build the Education of children with Special Needs Worldwide! Including disadvantaged schools and those in disadvantaged areas who cannot afford expensive programs and resources!





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