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Early Maths Skills Early Maths Skills

Date added: 10/26/2010
Date modified: 03/16/2013
Filesize: 532.73 kB
Downloads: 13711

Made by Aimee.

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This is the first in the Math books. This book has a focus on the basics, number recognition, number sequencing, number matching and counting. The tasks are all presented with various degrees of difficulty so that they can keep challenging your child as they progress.

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Maths Addition Number Facts to 10 Maths Addition Number Facts to 10

Date added: 10/20/2010
Date modified: 03/16/2013
Filesize: 90.64 kB
Downloads: 11561

Made by Tony Bo

Before moving onto double digit additions, it is important to remember the number facts to 10. This resource helps the student to remember the number facts. Cut each fact out and fold the flaps so that the answer to each addition is hidden. Use it to play games such as memory or just to challenge the student how many he can get right.

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TimeHour TimeHour

Date added: 05/23/2010
Date modified: 03/16/2013
Filesize: 117.96 kB
Downloads: 12306

This 2 page file is designed for students with limited fine motor skills.  Cut out the digital times at the bottom of the page and have the student match them to the analog clock.


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Completing Patterns Completing Patterns

Date added: 03/29/2010
Date modified: 03/16/2013
Filesize: 47.84 kB
Downloads: 12174

I made these to teach my kids how to complete patterns. My children really had difficulties understanding patterns and so I made these for them to practise. These would be laminated and the cards to be cut up and velcroed. I would go through the pattern sequence with them, e.g. I would say "blue, red, blue, red.... what's next?" and they would complete it by placing the correct image.

By Tony Bo.

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Numbers 1-12 Match or Bingo Numbers 1-12 Match or Bingo

Date added: 03/19/2010
Date modified: 03/16/2013
Filesize: 32.85 kB
Downloads: 12015

This is just a simple set of numbers you can use for matching or to play bingo with, use one set as the board and the other set for cards, laminate and velcro.


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